The Microkini


A Microkini can be thought of as an accessory rather than a piece of clothing.  The Microkini has very limited amount of coverage.  The term Microkini came to “existence” in 1995 in an online community of opponents of unconventional and controversial swimsuit designs.  A Microkini rests on the thin line between nudity and minimal coverage.

Microkinis are available today for both women and men.  Microkinis typically consist of thong style bottoms made of an extremely narrow strip of cloth that overs the genitals only.  Microkinis are so outrageous that hey make conventional thong style swimsuits looks conservative.

The history of the Microkini can be traced back to the 1970′s when legislation was passed that there was to be no nudity on the beaches of California.  The first Microkinis were tiny home made swimsuits that beach goers would wear to comply with the new legislation.  The initial Microkinis were badly sewn swimsuits made from tiny pieces of left over cloth that were stitched together with thin twine or fishing line.  Finally a local beach shop start designing formal Microkinis made from high quality cloth.  Microkinis gained unprecedented popularity in record time.  A number of Hollywood actresses wore Microkinis in that period further increasing their popularity.

Today, Microkinis are no longer a controversial style of the two piece bikini.  A number of both larger and smaller versions of Microkini have hit the market ever since.  These include the following: minikini, teardrop/oriental microstring, nanokini, picokini and femkini.  The best thing about Microkinis is that they allow you varying amounts of coverage for different areas of your body.  For example, if you have a large behind you would want conventional bottoms (boy shorts or pantie style) bottoms to provide more coverage.

Just keep in mind that monokini and microkinis provide minimal coverage.  Also not veryone has a body to carry a microkini perfectly. You should opt for a microkini if and only if you are comfortable with the minimal coverage it provides and are not self conscious about your body.  Since it provides very little or no coverage at all, your imperfections will be exposed.  If, however, you are bold enough to walk the beach in a microkini, it is recommended  that you get a Brazilian wax.  Microkinis use strings or adhesive or glue to hold the fabric in place.  You should also double check the laws of the beach in your area.  The Microkini may be on the lists of “No-No’s”.    If you can’t wear a Microkini in public or feel a little self conscious about wearing it out, you can always wear at home.  It’s also perfect those intimate nights.

Microkinis for Men
Microkinis are available for men. Microkini for men refers to extremely skimpy versions of the thong style swimsuits or g-strings.  As evident from the name, Microkinis for men provide minimal coverage and are more of an accessory rather than an item of clothing.